Industrial risks: call on the expertise of a specialized design office

Operations on an industrial site generate risks called industrial, which have an effect on employees. Despite the developments in the industrial security sector, the capacity for industrial risks remains a major issue for companies of all kinds. It is for this reason that manufacturers must resort to specialized research offices. What is a law firm? Why call on this expert?

What are industrial risks

 Industrial risks are all accidental events that can take place in an industrial area and endanger equipment, residents, personnel and the good of the environment. Given the diversity of industry sectors and the technologies and materials used, there are many industrial risks. It could be :
  • chemical explosions caused by the combustible, oxidizer (air) mixture with sudden release of gases which create the risk of immediate shock wave trauma, burns and death.
  • fire caused by the ignition of fuels by a hot spot or flame, which presents the risk of suffocation, poisoning and burns.
  • pollution and the dissemination of toxic substances in water, air or soil, harmful products with toxicity for humans by ingestion, inhalation or contact.
Industrial risks can be distinguished by occupational and environmental risks. Either way, it is always essential to limit and prevent them. The most effective way is to use an industrial design office.

Who do you call on for industrial security?

Even if there are many provisions and technical approaches that can be established to ensure industrial safety, resorting to the expertise of an industrial design office remains the best solution. The term research firm indicates a structure responsible for translating data. These companies, made up of technicians and engineers, take responsibility for producing studies on the technical choices made regarding the renovation or construction project. According to these studies, these specialists make recommendations on the basis of calculations, to present solutions to carry out quality work. Research firms can act in various sectors such as fire safety engineering, civil engineering, IT, environment, industry or work organization. Some design offices may have direct correspondence with laboratories. They thus play the role of intermediary between manufacturers and laboratories. They get their expertise and knowledge to make it available to manufacturers. They also take charge of a fire safety company.

Why call on a consulting firm specializing in industrial risks?

 Depending on their area of ​​expertise, the design offices have all the specific skills reserved to support a specific stage of the project. Such an office specializing in numerical simulation and modeling also offers some advantages to its clients. Indeed, with the help of these skills, it is possible to accurately and visually establish the results of an analysis. It is therefore a perfect fire safety company for assessing industrial risks, as it offers a more practical approach to the scenarios tested. In addition, the expertise of a consulting firm can cover a very wide range of technical sectors. This office also has all the tools recognized by specialists to deal with the variety of danger study cases and perform modeling. He has also developed tools recognized by the authorities. The design office has set up a network of Paris fire safety companies that can intervene in most industrialized territories on various issues (fire risk, seismic risk, lightning risk, electrical risk).
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