Brooks robots: reconditioning solutions for you!

Automation is a great necessity in manufacturing plants or various mass production companies. Have you invested in a robot from the manufacturer Brooks? You should know that there are reliable and efficient reconditioning facilities available on the market. If you have a breakdown or maintenance problem, who can you turn to and who can you call in urgently to help you out? What are the quick and reliable interventions?

Reconditioning companies 

Various companies have specialised in the reconditioning of Brooks robots, offering maintenance and reconditioning services for all systems with Brooks’ technology. These services include troubleshooting, general overhaul and maintenance. Although they specialise in troubleshooting, they also offer the possibility of changing accessories if necessary, or even replacing the robot if it is out of service. If you also want to equip yourself with robots for your new business, you can call on Eumetrys Robotics, one of the companies specialised in this field, for your installations and the commissioning of your chain. To get a general overview of what Eumetrys Robotics has to offer, you can go directly to

General procedure

To ensure the productivity and durability of companies using Brooks’ technology, the services of reconditioning of Brooks robots provide a variety of services and go through various processes. Troubleshooting of semiconductor machines, i.e., the pre-aligners and load ports that equip the devices, includes thorough analyses via in-house checks of the components and the stability of the digital system. This is followed by monitoring and repair of the handling robots. All completed interventions are automatically tested based on specific test benches. Once calibrated and refurbished, the equipment can be delivered.

A team of specialised and efficient elite 

For the reconditioning of Brooks robots, these reconditioning companies surround themselves with a team of very meticulous and efficient specialists. This team offers unequivocal know-how in order to guarantee quality services. This intervention team can be mobile, and can therefore travel directly to companies that need maintenance for their equipment. The conditions for repairs are guaranteed. This includes direct air transport of the equipment to ensure safe and rapid intervention. If the equipment is transported by land or sea, it is sealed and packed in special waterproof packages.
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